It is hard to buy good domains for cheap right now

Ugh. I’ve been liquidating a lot of my domains the past few months to stay afloat while I work on some projects. And my big mistake was selling too cheap by not factoring in how difficult it is to acquire quality names for cheap right now!

When I used to check my usual expiring spots, i would be able to make lists of at least 100 domains I wanted to buy for basically regfee to <$100. Easily find gems in that price range. And I’d buy a few and let the lesser ones pass by.

When I look at my old lists (which i keep all archived in Evernote), I wish I could get back at those names that I passed by for those prices! I can’t even find anything of that quality.

So yeah, my prices should’ve been higher, because the people that bought those names from me wouldn’t have been able to acquire names of that quality so cheap on godaddy or namejet or other auction sites. You have to factor this expensive auction/backorder market into your prices.

Now, the big question is – are we at the top of this price …um…bubble? If you believe that prices keep creeping upwards (because of more people getting into the market, and more people in india, and china getting on to the internet, for examples), then today’s prices should actually be good deals, right? If we’re moving towards valuable domains moving around from investor to investor at very small profits, then now might still be the chance to get things that you will still make 2x or 4x on when we get to that point, right?

I don’t have any proof to believe that’s the case, this is an inefficient market and you have to use what info you have and make gut calls. Read blogs and get informed. Do not follow the masses (or at least follow them up but don’t follow them down…).

You can probably tell i’m conflicted about where the industry is at. Through acquisitions and big investments, the power of the industry has consolidated by only a few companies now. But I guess it’s always been that way and a lot of new entrants in the industry have found ways to do things differently and cement their places in the market.

I’m rambling. I’m just doing a brain dump about the thoughts I’m having while searching one of the places I used to pass up domains I would kill to be able to buy right now. Gotta switch things up, only a fool doesn’t change with the times.

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