White Belt BJJ: I’m obsessed with guard retention

Ay, another new blog section. Last week I added “Books”. Today “Jiu-Jitsu”. Next?

Both of those are really about self improvement.

And learning how to LEARN BETTER.

I’ve been a white belt for a month now and I’m working on vlogs to reflect on that time and my goals for the future. But right now, I’m just trying to learn every guard retention trick there is. The sooner I can make my guard hard to pass, the better…

haha…getting smashed sucks.

Here are a few vids that I’ve found useful:

This next video is the first on a series on Preemptive Framing and this series is amazing. A basic long frame is a skill you learn in foundations/beginners class to get yourself out of side control…but what if i develop the timing to use it to make sure I never get to side control in the first place!?! I’m really working on the timing for this against smaller or less athletic people in my rolls. It’s a 4 video series and I’m going to continue to study this one for a while. I’ve already watched it twice in the past week.

Like the video says, I need to check out Ryan Hall’s video series to keep learning more about defensive guard and framing.

Next week I’m thinking about studying half guard so I’m prefacing it with this long video on “Forcing Half Guard”.

I’m prioritizing learning a lot about “the game” of sports jiu-jitsu, grappling, combat sports, etc. right now, in addition to “relearning how to learn”. A lot of the people I train with are doing 4-5 days a week jiu-jitsu, and I really don’t have the cardio, strength, or even knowledge of the game for that, yet. I’m going to ramp up my yoga and work on ashtanga primary sequence (which i’ve never really completed ever, but i have the grit to sweat and pant my way through it now) and handstand stuff…and also on my flexibility and sprinting/interval training. If I can get myself into “athletic shape” or at least moving in that direction AND can increase my working knowledge of jiu-jitsu as a whole over the next few months, I feel like then it will be time to increase the days I train.

My goal for my next class is to convince someone to start drilling with me on our free time/mat time, though, to keep building technique and timing.

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