Just had the inclination to stop streaming…

But I’m not going to.

Reasons to stop: Nobody is watching. It’s crap content, so why would anybody watch? What if I embarrass myself? Just wasting my time…etc.

It took me a minute to adjust my mindset and remember why I started (not for views), and how I’m actually getting the benefits I was looking for. But besides being way more focused on my work, and avoiding twitter and watching other videos, I’m also talking through my problems and what I’m learning, like little trial Feynman Techniques to see where I need to add knowledge. BTW, answer: a lot of places.

For example, I remember saying out loud the other day something to the effect of, “Ok, how do i level up my PHP? Hmmm…” I’m not sure I would have suddenly found that to be a pressing issue if I wasn’t sitting in front of a camera for 3 hours while a few people were looking at my frustrated face. So now I’m going to start taking some courses on knowthecode.io, which has exactly the type PHP materials I was looking for!

I’ve also been able to connect with some Youtubers who I haven’t heard from in a decade. One is MeanBlackDude, who I see out there still supporting everyone who has stuck around or came back to le tubes. Good guy. Many others have showed up to the chat, too, and thank you all for sharing a few minutes of your day with me.

Oh yeah, I’ve been learning the ins and outs (and what I DON’T know) about Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio). As soon as I have time, I will start adding scenes, adding media, transitions, etc. I can start making POLISHED streams with actual organized content soon. Maybe I should put a timeline on that, too. Hmm…let’s say next Saturday I will start incorporating scenes into my streams and start building them into something more coherent (including a “study time” notice, when I can’t chat and I’m doing some deep research <—just literally thought of this as I was typing).

Action > Inaction.

One other crazy benefit was when I had a tech support question, I was able to link someone on a forum to the exact timestamps when the problem occurred, and it ended up being a bug in the code and my problem was added to their bug fixing tract. Otherwise, they would just have to “take my word for it”, and sometimes it’s hard to explain exactly what/why/how a bug is happening.

So yeah, I have to keep streaming. The reasons to stop are mostly stupid. I can also private or delete these at any time, so whatevers.

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