Khabib Nurmagomedov

Whoa. I caught the last two fights of UFC tonight. Respect to Edson Barbosa for being a beast, and so tough, and so prideful. I learned a lot watching him and Holly Holm tonight. Both showed heart and perserverence until the end, in fights where they were up against two tactical masters who happened to be at the top of their games.

I think it’s clear the UFC got two superstars tonight. Khabib Numragomedov and Cyborg Santos can headline cards. We saw a spotlight on Khabib and Cyborg tonight and they shined. Both of them have had weight cutting issues in the past (Khabib claimed in several interviews tonight that his were never issues, but related to injuries), both have had questionable stamina (which could have been just because they’ve never actually had to go to later rounds)…they both looked fresh after beating their game opponents. Listen, if you mess up Holly or Edson will KO you. They were calm and composed against two incredibly dangerous opponents.

Anyway, I loved Khabib’s post fight presser. He’s great. I hope he stays healthy for 2018 because, like I said, the UFC has a star. 25-0. Soo many quotables. This video is going to be chopped up into dozens of little youtube clips this week. (it pains me that the best indie mma media outlet, is owned by Vox, who SUCK, btw. But i have to support it, it’s so good. My second favorite SBNation site is probably

I have a lot more to do tonight, so check out Luke Thomas’ emphatic praise for Khabib’s performance tonight.

Again, Holly and Edson showed me so much. I still have to reflect on what I saw in them more. They got out technique’d, and out energy’ed. For full fights. But they also took these monsters to full fights and never gave up, always expending that last bit of energy to try to land something and to turn the fight around. GUTS. Nickelodeon, Guts.

Anyway, one more Khabib fact, which most hardcore fans know, but is for some reason chilling. Just watch:

Would you want the man that this kid turned out to be dragging you down and punching you in the face?



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Oh yeah, one more thing. Chael Sonnen was streaming fight commentary during the event tonight, and it was definitely way more interesting than the promos. Some good stories and insight.

Just so much respect for all 4 main event fighters.

Imagine taking like 6 punches to the face. I’d be like “yup, we’re good…i tap.” Which is to say, I realize that, even thought that’s a normal reaction, my threshold is too low. I can push myself a lot further. I guess that’s the ultimate lesson from tonight. They were talking about Barboza throwing in the towel when Khabib was beating him. He didn’t. He fought until the end, to trying to gain some position back while grappling with the guy that wrestled bears as a kid, and never gave up.

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