Learning to use my tools better

Spending all of Sunday getting better at Sublime Text, Sass, and Zurb Foundation.

For Sublime, I’m going to back to Wes Bos’ Sublime Text Book. I only watched the videos before, tbh. I still feel like I can get way faster at using Sublime, and save myself some time every day.

If you want a quick dive into getting better at Sublime, here is Wes’ 1 hour Youtube power user talk:

For WordPress projects, I start with the JointsWP theme 99% of the time. This is a great starter theme with Zurb Foundation built in. Yet, I haven’t studied Foundation thoroughly since Foundation 4 (they are up to 6 now). There have been a lot of changes. I’m just going to jump into the docs and the settings, files, etc. and step up my knowledge.

Here’s a starting point if you’re new to Foundation.

I don’t really know Sass functions too well, so I’m going to dive into this article.

I gotta be my own coach right now and make myself keep practicing and improving.

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