Learning some css ::before ::after this morning

I’ve been getting up at 5:55am lately and not really touching work or email until 9am, which has given me at least an hour a day to step up my game and learn new things.

*if anyone cares I’ve also found some extra time in the morning to
+ maybe 20 minute stretch/breathing or short workout
+ clean up a little
+ try to read at least 40 pages of a book a day
+ LET COOL AIR IN MY APARTMENT it’s been brutally hot this week.

Anyway, I use Foundation so I edit the styles of some ::before and ::after pseudo element stuff, but I’ve never really thought about how to use it more in my own design…and Youtube magically delivered this roughly 1 hour series to me this morning. Perfect.

Part 2 really digs into some use cases.

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