PressVember #1 – I’m already 4 days late

I missed Wordcamp Portland. 🙁 I just didn’t have cash for tickets when they were available. I did, however, attend WooSesh online, and that helped motivate me to really nail down my WordPress fundamentals, so I can get into rest api and gutenberg and javascript stuff hopefully by January (the end of my little 12 week year that I’m on right now.)

Anyway, i ended up binging content on custom post types, taxonomies, meta boxes, and WP_Query() this weekend.

I thought I would dump some of the resources I’ve enyoyed the past few days here:

If you need a WordPress 101 theme building course, Alessandro Castellani has you covered.

It’s 22 videos, but it covers all the basics you need to create a theme from scratch, as well as touching on custom post types and taxonomies in the last few videos at the end…

Speaking of custom post types…

The channel’s first videos are using a plugin called Types (which I used to use, but they went to paid only and I migrated off) to create a lot of different post type scenarios. Even if you’re not interested in the Types stuff (i wasn’t), this 6 video series does a great job of illustrating and helping get your head around the relationships between all of these WordPress things. This Youtube commenter Ian Wortley put it perfectly:

Yeah, I’m in hardcode land…but still found this series super useful for me to know what I’m actually trying to code and how these relationships work.

Smashing Mag has 3 articles that really wrap up the fundamentals to get you started.

Advanced Custom Fields and similar plugins are cool, but I wanted to actually program a meta box today and google brought me to “How to Create WordPress [sic] Meta Boxes“. And linked within were “The Complete Guide to WordPress Custom Post Types” and “How to Create a Custom Taxonomy in WordPress“. These extremely complimentary articles each conclude with a minimal example that you can paste right into your code to learn with.

Since the purpose of this binge is to prepare me to make some plugins this week, I also went to the Plugin Handbook’s Custom Meta Boxes page. This was very similar to the Smashing Magazine article in a lot of ways and helped hammer home the concepts for me. (and the OOP and ajax stuff is stuff I want to learn before #PressVember is up).

Didn’t you mention WP_Query()?

Yes… has another great playlist. This one is 8 videos:

Custom queries allow you to output those custom post types exactly the way you want. In the last few video of this series, the examples that are built are filtered searches! Super useful.


So that’s basically where I’m at now…

Beyond this point, things feel challenging and less like a review. When some of the meta box stuff above started touching on security and santization and translation, my eyes glazed over.

I keep trying to do the plugin courses on, and those same types of things just break my momentum. So, now that I’m acknowledging that, I’m going to open up one of the plugin courses on there and just do the plugin setup, structure, namespacing, etc. And here’s the Data Validation page from the WordPress Codex. I guess I’ll keep that open, too. And the Plugin handbook.

Ugh, sometimes acknowledging and describing your roadblock is a good way to prepare to barrel through it. Also, sometimes you get an a-ha moment faster than you expect and things just come together. Either way, this is what I’m doing tonight and I also have 3 more extra posts or videos to make this month because I started late.

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