PressVember #2 – Damnit this is going to get harder

The difficulty ramped up for me today as I contined the Collapsible Content plugin course. After feeling my brain melting, I decided to do a refresher on shortcodes basics, so I searched “castellani shortcodes” on Youtube and the first result was video #41 of his WordPress theme development course (a 60 something video series that I definitely want to watch before January).

Like in the playlist I linked to yesterday in PressVember #1, Alessandro Castellani makes the basics easy to understand. Again, I can’t wait to watch this series of his in the future and also his plugin series.

So, I shared in yesterday’s post that over the weekend I checked out the basics of custom post types. Today at dinner, I (re)built the custom post type plugin from’s lab real quick, just to hear Tonya’s explanations of the file structures and helper functions, etc. Learned a ton, and while I still feel in over my head, I know I’m going to be developing cool plugins really soon.

I have a million notes on my desk right now but I see “this week – plugin workflow” highlighted. So I guess Monday wasn’t bad. Next to it I wrote:

Keep Data And Presentation Seperate


Each File = 1 Responsibility

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