PressVember #3 – It’s pretty easy to feel stupid (terrible title)

I got an error yesterday, immediately ran to the github to add an Issue, and felt embarrassed after being told it was just my inability to read that php formatting. Oof. (That’s not how it was put, of course!)

The truth is, pretty much every time I ask for help online I feel stupid, though. I suffer from codepencency and it’s just like “omg what will other people think!?!?!?!”

I am absolutely hurting myself with this mindset, btw. Who cares? Feel stupid, but help remove a major roadblock or identify a deficiency to work on? The trade off is worth it. (I know, I have to work on the feeling stupid part but I’m a codependent that doesn’t have a therapist or anything, hence, my laying it all out here.)

Anyway, my eyes glossed over trying to learn this exact stuff back in April. I remember. And I made the decision to just bust through it, telling myself “oh, this is stuff I can look up later.” Not good enough, clearly.

I have to house/cat-sit later in the week, so I know what I’m going to be studying. Gotta nip this in the bud. SMH at myself…

In post #1 I described things that made my eyes gloss over, post #2 my brain exploded, I believe, and now my eyes glossing again… I know where my deficiencies are – they are screaming at me in the face. I like the title of Ryan Holiday’s book “The Obstacle Is The Way” as a mantra.

So, the starter theme I’m really into, JointsWP, is starting development for Version 6 – the big feature update is that it will allow for multiple frameworks (or no framework, I believe)! Call for contributors and other discussions about the options are happening on GitHub here.

I am redoing this theme on JointsWP 5, so stay tuned for videos about that.

Just throwing out a link to’s free “PHP 101: Gentle Introduction to WordPress Programming” lab for anyone that stumbles across this post and needs a gentle introduction.

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