PressVember #4 Ok next up is launching Tech.Haus

This is why I’m getting into a daily WordPress habit.

I actually had a theme for Tech.Haus 90% done back in July, but it seems like that last 10% is always a slogggggggg, and I just couldn’t make it through. I wasn’t too sure about content, for starters. When I look back at it, I’m like wow bro you were RIGHT THERE…but the code is also a mess (which contributed to the slog), and I can just do it soooo much better right now. So i’m about to start copy and pasting over to a fresh JointsWP installation and breaking out things into seperate files where applicable, and hopefully adapting some BEM naming instead of some of the crazy css I’m going to see. Even that alone will improve things greatly.

For the first features on the site, I’m probably going to work on a video comparing my 3 keyboards because wow zzzzz sorry i feel asleep.

Tonight I’m cat sitting so that means I’m going to watch a ton of php videos.

I’m so happy I saw this retweet this morning.

I have wayyyy too much on my plate to even let myself think about Gutenberg in any way until like January, but I learned a lot from this blog post by Bill Erickson, “Building A Gutenberg Website”.

I’ve seen a few pieces of content about the theme support, and you can see exactly what the ‘align-wide’ class is intended to do right there in that article by looking at the images. The advice not to wrap was really good, and I will use that going forward just to make sure I can maintain that minimum Gutenberg compatability. Seems like good practice.

I’m glad Bill talked about advanced custom fields (or carbon fields, which I have to check out now) workflow and still using that on client sites. For some reason, I needed to read that to feel comfortable reaching for that plugin, while at the same time trying to learn how to do everything manually in WordPress right now. I just really needed to read it – and like 10 ideas immediately popped into my head that I could suddenly accomplish this weekend.

Also, I don’t exactly know what a page builder is. Everyone talks about page builders and somehow i skipped this whole era of WordPress in the years I took off. Another thing I don’t have time for, unfortunately.

Oh, you see the new hero section on the front page? I have to add a button and then a custom archive page tomorrow and probably some flex-boxy to fix the spacing.

Low key trying to get paid and then get a cheap like 1 or 2 year old Lenovo Thinkpad or Dell XPS 13 so I can actually work on WordPress away from my desk, maybe cowork, get a jobby job, etc. We’ll see.

These posts are so stupid but I’m holding myself accountable and that is not stupid. Bye.

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