Letting go. And Focus.

I sold Whoa.co today, for far less than I wanted to. I had actually gotten higher offers last year.

A regular buyer hit me up this morning and asked me my best price. Then I asked him his highest offer. We were far apart.

He said he wanted to make it his portfolio site. And I can understand that. It’s an impressive brand. That’s why, for a while, I was using it as my own design business site. It actually was responsible for getting me a few $100 an hour consulting gigs.

I was VERY CLOSE to forming an LLC under that name this month.


I don’t yell like that.

When I thought of it, I wanted it to be more like…


The sound you make after exhausting sex and an amazing orgasm. Barely being to get the sound from your lips.

But it was another thing on my plate, and my plate is FULL.

And I’ve also been fed up with client work for a while. The focus is on my own projects. If i wasn’t going to be doing much client work, I wasn’t sure what whoa.co would be anymore. It needed to be in someone’s hands that was going to use it to its fullest.

So, I let it go…

I gave this guy a great deal.

And I feel great about it.

My plate isn’t overflowing and now I can FOCUS on Tech.Haus (launching asap). And there will be a “studio” page on Tech.Haus for anyone that does want to collaborate on cool projects. I like the right client work/collaboration.

It wasn’t the $10k I got for another 4 letter .co I was using for a site years ago… but the number doesn’t matter. I have space back in my brain.

I also had two good sales last week and I will be reporting those soon. I’m very close to having my shit together. The days just fly by now. I need help. Hopefully I can afford help soon!

I was also reading Judd Apatow’s Sick In the Head (amazon affiliate) some more over the weekend. I stopped last year at the Gary Shandling interview because I haven’t watched all of the Larry Sanders show yet, and I haven’t been able to find a convenient and not super expensive way to watch it (I think it may be on HBO Go now?). But for some reason I decided to just push through anyway after all this time. And that interview is AMAZING. Judd notes that Gary visualized his entire career. He knew the moves he was going to make and what to work for.

It made me think about the moves I’m trying to make and what I’m working for. What to FOCUS on.

And whoa.co wasn’t in my long term plans. It was really a stop gap to fund things right now. And it did that to some degree, but I just want to make NameVantage and Tech.Haus work. They should fund themselves! (and maybe JockJams.com by October/NBA season opener).

I love making blogs and magazine type sites. I always have. That is what my development focus has been based around too lately. I like specializing in that type of site.

Oh, actually, here’s another book I love – Designing the Editorial Experience: A Primer for Print, Web, and Mobile (amazon affiliate). When I saw one of the authors speak during a live stream I was like WOW, someone that gives a fuck about the things that get me excited too.

Anyway, just wanted to reflect on selling a thing super cheap today. Not sure it needed 600+ words but it’s my blog. 🙂

The offer and the sale came out of nowhere. Like an intervention.

When the NEW whoa.co is up by the new owner, I’ll be sure to promote it, too. Love my regulars.

I feel like I see my path now. This is just the start.

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