Manjaro KDE, in my opinion, is a perfectly good Mac OS replacement

Don’t @ me.

Yes, there is a learning curve! You’re going to have to learn command line basics (which translate 99.9% to Mac), the Linux file structure (/ = root and ~ = home and, yeah it’s not that deep, tbh), the package installers for manjaro (pacman / yaourt), there’s not much more…

To me, Manjaro KDE Edition captures that Mac OS feel from before the yearly updates where Apple shoehorns in more Siri, Apple Maps, ibooks, etc… stuff that I can best describe as bloat that more frequently disrupted my work and computer experience, than enhanced it in any way. I missed the days of Snow Leopard where Mac OS (then called OSX), got out of your way and let you do what you were trying to do. Up until about Mountain Lion, I still felt OSX was a phenominal minimal and functional experience.

Today, i think I can get that experience from Manjaro KDE. So on Monday night I reinstalled it again, but this time over-writing my Mac SSD. After 19 years of nothing but Mac, I’m attempting to go (almost) full-time Linux.

On my system (upcoming post), everything just seems to work. Installation is a breeze. It recognized my Focusrite 2i4 Gen 2 and Logitech c922x right out of the box and allowed me to easily integrate them into software like O.B.S.

Again, there is a learning curve. This is probably my 6th time installing Manjaro since I started dabbling in early September. But every time I learn more and get it a little more right, tailoring the system to meet my needs and finding it more satisfying every time.

I would like to note that I should proabably do another post about uses cases where switching from Manjaro works and don’t work. There are some cases where I find that free, open-source, or linux-compatible software sometimes doesn’t compete with options on other platforms. The opposite is also sometimes true. And in some cases, so much work can be done in the browser today that you are even more platform agnostic than you may already realize.

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