Mitch Hedburg Doing Improv Crowd Work Has Some Genius Moments

Man, I’ve had a rough Monday and Tuesday.

Yesterday, my mom got into it with me on the phone (my first post-election call home…yay). She told me that my dad has been sick in bed for days and can’t move. They live at the top of a mountain, so she had to shovel the snow by herself to move her car. I feel guilty and helpless and everything you feel when you’re codependent and also can’t really connect with your parents no matter how hard you try.

Today, I was sick as fuck and I realized it was because of my electric heater has been dehydrating my body. I literally felt my head being squeezed. I tried to sleep it off during prime work hours.

This evening I finally ordered a humidifier from Amazon Prime Now. And when I went down to get it I met a few people in my building (that are leaving next week, unfortunately) in the elevator – that was nice. I wish we had a better shared space in this building. I looked at building that had better common spaces, but they were a lot more money and the apartment that I ended up with suits me fine. It would just be fun to know more people in this building.

Anyway, feeling like the cloud was lifting off of me, I checked the content feeds to see if anything good was going on, and noticed this RARE upload:

When I had a recording studio in my house (2003-2008?), a lot of the bands would watch a Mitch Hedburg DVD I had over and over. Watching him use the same joke formats while riffing off of random things was great. This is actually my first time listening to Mitch since then.

I have always wanted to dedicate a few months to just grinding away doing open mics, not because I want a career in comedy, but whenever I asked any NYC comedian friends how I can sharpen my wit, that was the advice they gave me. “Go go open mics and do 5 minutes.” Maybe I’ll give it a shot next year in Portland…much much much much lower stakes. 🙂

RIP, Mitch.

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