More Recent November Domain Pickups

Basically, this dude i met in Vegas will text me whenever there is a domain sale, and I’ll scramble and get what I can get. I grabbed these at the end of last month and will put them up for sale officially in January sometime.

I posted a different domain pickup lot last week and I think I already sold a name from there. It’s “Pending Sale” at some marketing place. Selling domains can be tricky sometimes. It’s a highly inefficient process and I’ve made the mistake of counting a pending sale as a sale before.

Just checking for possible payment fraud is a task unto itself when transferring a digital good. If you are shipping a physical item, you will get some info about of the person that is running a scam – the address they need to receive the item at. But with domain, once it’s gone, it can be too late. (SOME registrars will work with you to get stolen domains back. Most, actually). But yeah, I just touched on fraud for a second, but there are a million other ways a domain sale could fall apart. But I will update you if this sale ever becomes official. Nothing big – but I just want to show that smart investing, even at VERY low amounts, can lead to great returns – and very quickly.



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