New Domain Pickups Middle of May Edition

It is extremely hard to get and good 2 word .com’s or brandables unless you are prepared to go to war for them. Supply is diminishing and more investors are coming into the market looking for something to buy…and the guys at the top keeping making more money (presumably) to buy more. It’s rough.

Reacting as I go: – this surprisingly gets hits every day. Ketogenic diets are becoming more and more popular. I think this can be turned into a nice little business. – I feel like this can be a brand for something other than the food, too. Hit me up adult swim. I want to make an electronics accessory company where everything is bright orange. No I don’t. – the plan here is to build this out into a little vacation site. I can learn about api’s and affiliate and maybe make a little side cash. And if some travel company wants to come along and snag the site from me, perfect. Summer buildout on the way., – All of these .biz domains were 16 years old, and I noticed that a bunch sold for over $300 each the day before on Godaddy. So I snagged this lot of 9 for less than $400 total. Think I’ll come out ahead?

BikeLimo,com,,,, – Brands and stuff. I missed a lot of other ones that I wanted, too. 🙁, – A lot of domainers love this geographic location + service combination and these seem great. – I want to start building out good .org’s or donating them, and these two should definitely be in use. I think I sold already, but the domain is in some weird registrar limbo right now. – looking for the right organization or group to donate it to! If you have any ideas please contact me. – still looking for good crypto domains and this is what i found. – Goes with in my NYC domain portfolio.

There are a few more that I can’t list yet. But yeah, this is what my portfolio is looking like now.

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