No huge battles won this week but appreciating little wins

Little Wins

  1. Went back to jiu-jitsu on friday after missing 3 weeks to grind out my websites and try to level up in life everywhere. Just showing up is big and a win. It’s easy to let 3 weeks slip into 4 weeks to slip into 5 weeks. Pulled off a sweep I watched a video about and got a lot of back attack and back defense practice (and realize I know nothing about either. But realizing what you need to learn is also a win!).
  2. Being able to jump right back into a long day of work (today – saturday) after training jiu-jitsu. I was worried that it would mess up my flow. That I don’t have any sense of life balance. That I can’t manage these two things dominating my brain at once. I’m ok. I skipped for 3 weeks straight because of that basically. It takes a lot of time and mental and physical effort. I didn’t know if I could work on my work life and learn jiu-jitsu at the same time. It seemed overwhelming. Now I think I can balance it. Next – can I balance personal relationships too? Working on that.
  3. Still making progress on Lots of little text updates for clarity and there is still a lot to go. I cringe when reading a lot of sites on my phone now, because I think I tested my own site so much on phones that I know the proper reading flow of a serif font on mobile. And many sites get it wrong! I even emailed one blog that I read often to be like your font is too bit. There is one paragraph on my long ass Samsung screen. Compare your site to the kindle app on your phone. Reading 5-6 words per line breaks up flow so much. Reading flow is more important than pretty design. Ask someone that reads a lot on mobile to read your site. Heck ASK ME (consultant fee but damn I will break that down. Also, i’ve done a lot of testing a few years ago. I should make a video about how that has helped me. Unfortunately I can’t do more because their software freezes on my mac. le sigh.)Other changes?



    Still a work in progress, and I’m behind on certain things. Like those are icon fonts…and are limited and old logos (that youtube logo ewwww…). I still have to bring in svg, learn svg animation, etc. I just didn’t get around to it because I realized I had to grind out NameVantage.

  4. NameVantage is almost done! I started on it last Sunday. I had to make it fit my current domain circumstances, and expandable to fit what I’m trying to build for the future. I’m planning to soft post the site tonight or tomorrow and then on Monday promote the dickens out of it. I can’t write copy for anything and it is a hard mental block for me, so even just spitting out any copy at all for the next release is another little win. Now I have something to edit, mold, trash…whatever. wait, maybe this is about to turn into a big win…
  5. Decided on the next project build! A guy i know from Scranton, PA just contacted me out of the blue and I asked what he was doing and he said still working at this embroidery hat company. I asked if he had ever considered putting out his own designs and he was like “actually…i have…” And i was like DO IT! Now is the time. He showed me a Lebron hat he made which was pretty decent, and we discussed ideas about how he could move this forward. And then i remembered that I wanted to build a Joints WP ecommerce store on woocommerce (after all the stuff I’m learning from the Namevantage build, might as well make videos). So I was thinking, I should make a shop to help my friends (and other brands i want to carry) sell their stuff and monetize their side projects. We’ll see what comes of this, but at the minimum you will learn how to build a tshirt/whatever store in a few hours.
  6. I don’t even know what else. I feel like I am a totally different person from last week. I’m hoping next week when I launch a few more things that I can start converting into revenue. Another small win – is that I discovered some strategies and ideas to accomplish that next week.

Just felt like making this list to remind myself… still a long way to go.

Any big or little wins this week for you?

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    If you read the book “The Power of Habit” one of the concepts in there is tiny wins.

    I guess successful people focus on small wins throughout the day, instead of focusing on everything that is wrong. Good way to live life.

    Maybe you need to buy to encourage your training? 🙂


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