Note to self: Remember to top off your bike tires (metaphorically)

It’s 60 degrees and not raining in Portland today.

Whenever it’s nice, I make sure to take a bike ride of any kind; usually a little 7-8 mile ride to various stores to go shopping and pick up what I need until the next rare non-raining winter day. The way back is mostly uphill and usually it wrecks me. My heart pounds, i sweat, my legs literally feel like they are popping out of my jeans, etc.

However, yesterday, I felt fine. Did it with ease. I was shocked and for a second, I considered if it was because I’ve been working out more, etc. I think that is certainly a factor, but other than when I’m doing some semi intense yoga, I haven’t been doing cardio.

Then I remembered I took a minute to pump my bike tires before I left. I usually don’t bother. And yes, that was the difference. I created a lot less work for myself!

Just posting this as a mental note to myself: take a minute before you do a thing to “top off your bike tires”.

Get the setup right, maintain everything, etc. and make things easier on yourself, mate.

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