Putting Some Of My Old Personal Domains Up For Sale

In the spirit of putting things behind me, I’m dipping into my personal stash of domains for some of my new inventory:




I’ve never put these on the market before. The first was basically used as one my business email the past few years. It deserves to be a huge brand. I’m setting you free, friend.

The second was actually one of my first business ventures, a website i made a LONG time ago that once made me like $30k a month. I always wanted to restart it but couldn’t think of a business model. I kind of like the idea of branding sections of a site something like [sports] x hiphop or [fashion] x hiphop. I don’t know – it’s short, it has backlinks, it’s memorable. I hope someone does something with it!

The third I just liked. DrumMachine.com used to be an online drum machine “museum” and I knew the .org could someday be used to recreate something like that, or, who knows… I just like synths and drum machines.

As I’m slowly getting my new domain site NameVantage.com together, I’ll update with more premium inventory on here.

Anyway, feels good to be moving on from unfinished projects and I can’t wait to see them take on a new life soon!

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