Soundcloud might die… selling two awesome brands for music sites!

Reportedly Soundcloud only has money to survive for 50 more days.

This comes after news of a bunch of layoffs last week.

That sucks; but anyone who has used the service saw this coming from a mile away. When i first started this blog over the winter, I actually signed up for Soundcloud premium or whatever it’s called, and it was trash. You couldn’t even loop an album! I asked their tech on twitter why, and they said they just haven’t gotten around to that feature (however, i speculate the reason is because once the album ends, they start playing tracks of indie artists where they don’t have to pay royalties).

Anyway, hoping something better pops up in its place.

I put some domains on sale last week that would actually be the PERFECT fit for a music startup for a rebrand.


We’re also selling, even though that one isn’t the best fit, it’s a great brand, too.

I still have faith that if someone keeps artists’ interests first, a great service can be built!

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