Storefront, Woocommerce’s “default” theme, just got a huge update!

Someone literally asked me 2 days ago if they should use WooCommerce, and I said yes, now that Automattic owns it, they are definitely going to make everything easier to use. I can already see huge positive changes in the on-boarding when you install Woocommerce, for example.

The default WooCommerce theme was this drab looking thing called Storefront, and most people either used it as a basis of a child theme or only to test their site if something went wrong with another theme…

But today version 2.2 was released, and it and actually looks great!

And beyond modern and classy aesthetics, this theme, like WordPress’ Twenty Seventeen, makes use of the WordPress Customizer thingy. I’m not 100% sure what it’s called, but you can type and edit right on the page when you have the customizer open, making the experience much closer to these recent build your own site services like wix, squarespace, shopify, etc.

So yeah, to the person I was talking to the other day, definitely use WooCommerce. The future is bright.

(via: WPTavern)

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