Stretching / Music

There are like 4 or 5 Youtubers that deliver very solid yoga/yoga-ish routines.

Here’s an awesome chest/shoulders/back thing that was just uploaded the other day. Do something like this once or twice a week and then do deep hip stretches once or twice a week. My left shoulder and my left hip used to click and grind but I’ve been doing yoga since maybe April 2015 and those problems are gone and the benefits are insane.



I lived in a 5 bedroom apartment (2 havey) in Brooklyn for a while and Lorely from Empress Of would record with Sam of Celestial Shores in a bedroom off the kitchen.

I switched into that room when Sam moved out. Triggering ass place misophonia-wise (living over a venue, across from new condo construction that started at 7am every day, and door to the kitchen in a 5 bedroom).  I actually have video of my first set of roommates all talking in the kitchen that would make me cry if I watched it. It’s probably my favorite place I ever lived other than my current apartment.

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