Things take time

After 2 months of jiu jitsu, that’s my biggest takeaway so far. At my orientation interview, I was asked if I had any intention of seeking a black belt. I was really just there for self defense and to dip my feet in the water, so I hadn’t even considered that.

“The fastest we’ve ever had was 6 years. The second fast was 7 years. The average is 12 years.”

“Yeah, let’s go for it. I’ll try for 10.”

So, “mastery” takes 12 years of learning and experience (I put mastery in quotes, because there will always be more to learn, etc.).

How do you get to “mastery” when you know NOTHING?

Just stay on the path for 12 years and you’ll get there, it seems, right?

Build a foundation first. And then keep building on top of that foundation.

I know this all seems super obvious. To me, it’s super humbling. But also calming and grounding.

You read about these concepts on business blogs in regards to getting projects going, etc. But still, you get frustrated by not being where you imagine yourself being. However, if you just look at things like my jiu jitsu example (or learning anything) – just keep building that foundation and building on top of it – everything changes.

Reading about these concepts did nothing to change my mindstate. But trying a new thing in my 30’s where i was starting from zero, but saw a definitive path to 99…i don’t know…put everything else I’m working on into perspective. I feel accomplishment rather than anxiety about not being at the finish line yet. I know that I’m on that path and I just have to stay on that path.

Also, I just realized that being sick for the last 10 days gave me a lot of time to think about things and my mindset in general.

Sorry, I don’t have time to edit this or make it more coherent. More soon…

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