Thinking about Voice Search and the impact on branding and domaining

This is obviously a very speculative trend forecast here, but I think having a voice search friendly brand will be extremely important moving forward.

I just shared this opinion and someone asked, “what does having a voice search friendly name actually mean?”

Listen, I will come up with that after I mess with them for a while. I’m switching to Google Assistant for almost everything right now. Oh God…no lie I just broke it trying to get simple bike direction results. Oh wait…no. It worked. It’s like I have…wait for it…

An assistant.

I also need to get an Alexa device.

Anyway, this thought process began when someone online shared that 81% of their traffic was mobile on twitter this morning. Then i was reading another article (8 Biggest Content Marketing Trends that Will Dominate 2017) that the same person linked me, and it mentioned that 20% of all search on google was through voice. And the experience is still BAD or OK at best. (EDIT: I don’t want to neglect the point that Google Assistant JUST added typing recently, so these voice numbers may go down, but it also is on iphone and non pixel phones, so numbers may skyrocket?)

Just want to mention, too, that probably billions of people will be getting their first experience on the internet from mobile or use mobile as their primary internet around the world. If your brand is voice search friendly (again, whatever that means), that’s huge.

Back in the day people used to hail “radio friendly” domains/brands as necessary, meaning you know what it is when you hear it and can remember it, spell it, type it out easily, etc. That was a valuable marketing tool!

Now I think “voice search friendly” is the new “radio friendly”.

We’ll see.

Also, unrelated, Snoop has a new album out and it’s giving me feels about 1993 and living in pine barrens suburban NJ as a kid.

It feels like an old man rap album, in a good way. Give it a shot on your streaming service of choice maybe. The cover is awesome.

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