Three SoundCloud Albums I’m Obsessed With


All 3 of these are available elsewhere, but they are free on Soundcloud, and since I was ranting about the service yesterday, I thought I’d at least point out some of the great content on there.

Now, these are available to anyone on Soundcloud. If you sign up for Soundcloud Go, you get millions of other songs or whatever. WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT SOUNDCLOUD SO MUCH? I hate when I like loser services…

Anyway, 3 cool records I was obsessed with in 2016:

Cousin Stizz – Monda

Boston rapper. Really laid back flow. Puts you in a trance with his sort of sing songy rhythms.

“Started with an eight, I got eight onions” – lyric from “Day Gone”


This reminds me of late 80’s early 90’s stuff that I would hear at a roller skating rink. Old disco and electro and it’s minimalist and it’s fresh and it’s about love and emotions. I love this record. If you’re like “whoa, this is too ____ (somethign) for me, start with Stalin Majesty’s version at 4:00 in $hot. I love Fruit. No Chill. I think Game is a piano reprise of No Chill, too. I like both versions. I like singing along to this record too. IDGAF.

Vince Staples – Prima Donna

There are some lines on this record that hit you in the gut. And some beats too. Just start with War Ready and then right into Smile

Learned the power of words when we was younger
Saying fuck the sign on his curb can make him hunt you
Turned the African into a nigga then they hung him
Said it earlier in the verse, sometimes I wonder
Who the activist and who the Devil’s advocate
Or do it matter? Shit
They only fucking with the rapper if the rapper rich
Or got a platinum hit
A chain or two
Seem the music interchangeable
Raging bull, what you headed for?
Heaven doors, or hell below
I write directions for the road to let you know
Edgar Allen Poe
Tried to warn ’em of demise and all he seen was crows
Feel for ’em, words, we kill for ’em
Leave the bitchin’ to the birds, we still war’n
Born ready, you boys lost already
All in ’til the lord get me

Yeah, all 3 of these are on other music services. Not sure why i’m highlighting them on Soundcloud, but it’s my blog, and as my friend Paulina says, “I do what I want.”

I’m going to use Soundcloud Go as my sole music consumption service for the next 3 months and I’ll report how it goes along the way.

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