Tiny domain haul – end of Feb. 2018

Getting ready to start my day on Monday morning – got an email from Sedo that I had a sale. $599.

Maybe an hour later I accepted a $50 offer for a domain on Namepros.

Got paid for both by the next day. Over $400 profit to start the week, not bad.

Back when I had a bigger portfolio, it felt like this several times a week. But the numbers were even bigger. Le sigh. That’s why I’m buying again (even though there’s nothing for us bottom feeders to buy…or is there?).

I’ve been looking at droplists lately – mostly shite – but I put together a few lists. Then i went through the last year of my Evernote lists and just ran a bunch of them through bulk registration checkers.

Was about to register a few from a list for $6.99 each (dynadot and namesilo both have specials until the end of the month), when I noticed a $3.99 sale posted on namepros. Not the best registrar, but I settled for 5 names for a total of $19.95. I went back for more a few hours later but the deal was over. 🙁 Still contemplating adding some $6.99 regs before the month is up, but I’m happy to break the ice and gets some new names added.

carbolytic.com – carbohydrates? carbon emmissions? analytic? A lot going on here. It seems like it used to be a company that was well funded. Fresh drop.

maxsyn.com – I’ve had this one on a list for a while waiting for a deal. Just feels like a a great name for some IT company.

varsityvr.com – The name I sold on sedo for $599 was a [thing]vr.com domain, so I checked to see if any interesting ones dropped so I could replace it, and this one seemed like a nice grab at the price.

videogamepub.com – I don’t know, the monetization of geek culture is a big thing right? This should be a thing. I will avoid this thing, if it exists, but it should probably exist because capitalize off of everything, amirite?

wzrdry.com – Throwback to band names without vowels of the late 00’s.


I also won a .tv domain late on Weds night. This cost me $28. (I will edit this once it hits my accound and I’m sure it’s “mine”).


So $48 for 6 names.  I value the haul at like $180-$900.

I wish I could just “spray and pray” and generate lists of hundreds of names to register in one swoop when there are big registration deals. Anyway, I spent the most on a .tv! .com’s are expensive, and for bottom-feeders, maybe the best opportunities are outside of .com?

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