Today was great.

I mentioned why on twitter, but also I got to drive out of Portland, which I honestly rarely get to do.

I was repeating “holy shit. holy shit.” over and over driving towards Mount Hood. I thought I took a picture through the caked on mud on the windshield of my Car2Go Cool Kid Smart Car, with NO windshield wiper fluid, but I accidentally fucked up google maps and it ended up turning me around 20 miles in a different direction from where I was trying to go, which SUCKED. But also, driving the same way twice helped me learn the area little more.

Hopefully I can explore a bit before the summer is out.

Then, I ended up riding my bike like 7 miles both ways to get 5 (old and used) ssd’s for $25. I just want to dual boot windows 10 on something, one of them will do the job. There’s a 240gb one and that would be perfect if I could just use that for Windows.

Yeah, I have to stay on task this week. If I could get get a sale or two under my belt by like Tuesday, maybe wednesday I can start upping the production values of my videos, which is the next step that I want to make.

Shout out to everyone that watched my latest video and any of my past ones too (in all the reincarnations of my channel).

I’m going to bed.

I smoked for the first time in July tonight because I haven’t been able to sleep a whole night.

Look at this, I saw it last night as I laid awake for about an hour and a half and then at 5am I just gave up and decided to wake up. And I went to sleep at 2am the night before. So yeah, I’m operating on 3 hours of sleep which is really not good for you.

Can you believe that shit? Yes, I was alive at a time where a beat up unlimited one (like BEAT UP) would be on the shelf at a store for $199. And you’re like ohhhh… should I get a Black Lotus (which probably was worth about $375 back them. Maybe $500? i can’t remember) even thought it’s rekt…

Now they are worth like $11k + a quick google search showed me? If that’s true, the last time I really looked they were like $3-$4k. <— I thought that was crazy. That’s nuts, and I seriously thought, “how can these go any higher!?!?!”

But yeah, google “black lotus value”. Look at some on ebay.

And you’ll agree this is 100% a forgery. Look how perfect. WTF.

So I’m giving a heavy indica a shot. Something that I’m definitely not used to.

And keeping myself in a place of gratitude. There was a lot to appreciate about this weekend and taking the time to appreciate it right now might be what makes the difference in my rest tonight.

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