Weekend Goals – Gotta Grind Up Until My Birthday

  1. Launch Tech.Haus with a blog and a forum. …a forum!?! Yeah…I want a community. A safe place to trade gear, for one. A place for people to link up for projects and gigs, for another. And whatever else grows from that. Inspired by amazing forums all over the web. Ones I love include Gearslutz.com (former mod there in mid 2000’s), Namepros.com (check several times a day), too many to name. But these have proven to be invaluable resources for me while researching, learning, and asking for help. I will go on and on about more companies that influence me in the future/ this isn’t the post.
  2. Dot Magazine logo. No idea. I feel like there is a red dot in a lot of logos off the top of my head so I have to either be super derivative or come up with something totally new. Also designing it with an animation in mind. But this is a roadblock holding me from launching this video magazine series. Once the logo is done, I can knock out the rest of the graphics and hopefully start making/finishing the things I’ve been working on.
  3. Install Reason 9.5/10 beta and try to live stream some exploration on Youtube through OBS. This is interesting. I need music for my videos and I’ve been trying to think of the best way to achieve this. And it occurred to me that I LOVED using Reason for this purpose back in 2007. So I looked up Reason last week and I realized that there is so much new stuff since Version 4, which was the last version I used back then. I think a lot of traumatic stuff happened in my life around the time I stopped using it and even just thinking about it has unlocked all of these suppressed memories and dare I say pathways? So yeah, like in 2007-2008 when I was making semi consistent youtube content, I’m about to be making music for them in reason again! Moving forward making vids + mental health breakthroughs. yay. And I’ve always wanted to learn more about live streaming, so why not package all of these things together, my man.
  4. Make at minimum $500, prefarably like $2000-$3000, and hopefuly like $5000. Gotta turn on the cash flow this weekend and at minimum I have to make like $2500 a week moving forward, and that has to be a bad/meh week. I also have to do that while conforming to a certain level of business ethics that that try to put reader/shopper/member first. The one area where I obviously fall short right now is domain inventory. I could open up my store to be a marketplace and sell others’ domains (which I’ve mostly finished building), but I’d rather have this type of cash flow before I attempt that sort of thing. So hold pattern on that. But building a community and making videos, those two things I can be doing and I think I have the plan to turn those things into money to spend on my inventory. We’ll see. (in all, I ideally need over $10k right now and probably closer to $18k to execute everything I’m trying to do over the next 3 months, just for the sake of transparency and sharing goals)
  5. (mini 5) I’ve been reading this book called Superbetter which is strangely and satisfyingly helpful. I honestly can’t remember why I bought it, but I was going through my like 130 unread kindle books and picked this one out of the list. I’m only about 35% through and probably have 5-6 hours left of reading and thinking about some of the exercises, at minimum. Would love to finish that this weekend too. 2 days into the book and I’ve already found actionable ways to “gamify” my life and be like “oh, i need a little dopamine sip” and remember to find something funny to laugh and smile at.

I think I just typed this because I needed to type it anywhere, and maybe sharing it publicly holds me accountable. I could end up not finishing ANY of these, too.

It’s going to be like partly sunny and beautiful and the cloud patterns will look amazing from everywhere in the city. Or from a near by mountain or waterfall. Fuck.

Luckily one of those places is also my desk. sigh.

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