Weekend Read / Watch May 19, 2017

Ecommerce and Branding ReadTarget looked at buying the mattress startup Casper for $1 billion but will invest instead.

Ecommerce is fuego. I think I linked to Jet and Walmart and Amazon a few days back. Literally everyone is making their last ditch effort to throw their money at any competent looking ecommerce teams to try to not get left too far behind by Amazon. You have to try to win at least 1 category lol. Start from there.

Also, re: branding and domains in the furniture and mattress space – There’s Casper at Casper.com. The company that sold me my desk was originally called “Ergot Depot” but changed to Fully.com. And recently, on my Kindle Fire HDX front advertisement, I saw a mattress company called Purple and they use OnPurple.com.

Just wanted to point out the domain and brand usage I’m seeing in this space. Get on those one-word .com’s if you can afford them. Even furniture companies are branding around them! And if you can’t afford, you can have the 2 word like ergot depot or on purple. But this might be the last time you can get one word .com’s for any price that is like less than a Telsa, so if you can get one, get it.

I’m also going to get into woocommerce and building ecommerce companies in general at some point. Def. subscribe to my videos if you care about those subjects.

Google Play Award Winners Read and Download – The winners of the 2017 Google Play Awards are …

I have not been keeping up with the newest apps so I might as well download these when I get a chance. Or if any of you have some free time try them out and let me know what you think! I still think there are big opportunities in apps. Tough tho.

Google io Watch – Top 5 Google I/O 2017 Recap! by MKBHD

OMG i can do those android “o” notification dots thing with my Nova Launcher. If you want to keep up with Google’s machine learning heavy new products, here you go.

If you guys are feeling these little roundups and want to keep up to date with trends, etc. remember to check back every friday. And follow me on twitter!

Have a good weekend. I’m going to keep grinding. L8.

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