White Belt Vlogs

I have a black eye. I have a new sense of what resiliencey means and had my self-assessment meter re-callibrated.

As I’m structuring my youtube schedule and figuring out what to actually put up there, I realized that doing a once a week white belt diary might be cool.

I’m thinking every Monday. That gives me a chance to go through a whole week of training, and then reflect on the weekend. So tune in for that.

(Wo)Man, if I sold a domain for like $799 this weekend by some random chance, I would definitely spend 3 full days next week just trying to make videos.

But I could still be vlogging at my desk every day and I haven’t been, so I just have to start there. If I can do that daily, and make them more entertaining, more informational, more educational, more helpful (or any combination of those), then I’m getting better.

It would be fun though to throw a little bit of production behind a few vidoes and see what happens though. But I’ll get there in a few weeks or months. Who knows. Just keep going.

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