WP Types plugin – Swiss Army Knife to Replace Advanced Custom Fields etc.?

Quick screencast vlog today to announce:

  1. Making a video every day in August! Yay…
  2. Video mostly about this WordPress Plugin – Testing out WP-Types (site link) / Toolset Types (wp.org plugin directory link) plugin instead of Advanced Custom Fields and the regulars in that space. So far I think it does a lot. Upselly, tho.
  3. Changing my schedule up. Dedicating 3 hour (or more?) time-block every morning to work on my own sites. Then, after: domain auctions. Then, after lunch: free day? No, tons to work on, but I think those two time blocks will keep me moving forward constantly even on days where I’m “stuck”.
  4. I think that’s it! Going to be doing some Q/A and comment response videos for sure this month so hit me up at [email protected] if you want me to touch on anything wordpress, domaining, building online businesses, or beyond.

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