Salon sold for $5 milly. Could the domain alone have fetched more?

I think 1 word .com's are STILL undervalued.

I saw that was sold for $5 million today, and in my galaxy-brain-genius scenario, Salon rebrands on a domain worth less. Still something catchy and content-sitey, then sells the rebrand (think when “all things d” switched to “recode” and now is a vox brand.). Maybe they get less than $5 million – $3?

Then you still have this domain name And you flip that to Revlon. According to this first search result that I clicked on, Revlon’s advertising spending was over $500 million last year.

What percentage of that is worth? And there are many other companies in this industry that spend like crazy.

Anyway, there are obviously layers to this I don’t understand. I just wanted to throw my ignorant opinion out there.

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