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Weekend Read / Watch (may 12, 2017)

Time for the first Weekend Read/Watch post!

This week I have a link about the media business (what else), more 9 to 5 Mac testing GPU’s in Hackintoshes, MKBHD’s video reviewing a new Blackberry!?, and Comic Book Girl 19 (one of my fav Youtubers) giving us the dirt on Guardians Vol. 2.

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All day i dream about hackintoshes

Now that Nvidia has released new drivers for Macs (finally!), are Hackintoshes still going to be viable?

9 to 5 Mac shows their latest Hackintosh build, starring the power house GTX 1080 ti GPU. Check out their build and instructions and help me decide if it is worth spending an extra $500 on a 1080 ti vs a comparable AMD card. Hmmm.

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