“The next version of JointsWP will NOT include Foundation.”

I've had to write this excerpt like 5 times now because Gutenberg keeps deleting it. I want to be learning CSS Grid not figuring this BS out.


I just updated an older post a couple of days ago w/ a link to a Github Issue called “Is Zurb Foundation in active development?” (Spoiler: It’s not).

And well, a decision has been made. I saw some changes being committed to the development version of the next JointsWP about a day before this tweet, so i appreciate the action and leadership on the issue from Jeremy Englert, for sure.

I will probably finish up my last bit of work with Foundation this weekend, and then maybe try building a theme off of _s from scratch just to learn some more stuff. There is a long 67 video playlist by Youtuber Alessandro Castellani that I’ve been meaning to watch for a year+ now, but it’s just so…..long. But like…3 videos a day…and I’m done in 20 or so days.

Allessandro Castellani’s Premium WordPress Theme Tutorials Playlist

“Genesis Theme” was just released 3.0 TODAY, which includes Google AMP built into the theme. Also possibly worth switching, too, but I don’t care for AMP. I’m actually usually quite annoyed when I’m served an AMP page, and I want to send it to someone or share it on twitter.

However, Genesis seems to be one of the best themes to know for freelancing, and thousands of people have built things with it.


I just subscribed to the email list at this site called Every Layout. I probably should read everything on there.


Hitting publish now because the stupid excerpt keeps disappearing in draft mode šŸ™ Gosh Gutenberg can be frustrating.


Ok, time to learn some PostCSS! From what i’ve read, it seems awesome.

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