Three WP themes I’m learning – Storefront, WP Rig, Chaplin

Learning some new themes this week. And maybe getting paid WP work somehow? Hopefully...

This post is just me doing a braindump because feel a little overwhelmed with so much to learn in WordPress. My birthday is on Friday – my 40th birthday, and it’s my goal to have a client or something by then.

But until then, I’m just going to build build build. I’ve been buying a crazy amount of domains lately, so I have stuff to work on and learn from, and these three themes should help me grow my skillset and knowledge base around some popular WordPress tools.


With Storefront, the official WooCommerce/Automattic theme for WordPress, I’m going to copy this child theme template from webdevstudios, so I can use sass and other dev tools. I also want to try other child themes that people have built, but that’s going to take some research. I should probably build out several stores over the next few months with Storefront, just to really learn it, and then theoretically I can get some “work” working on this popular theme to help other people make stores? (wish me luck on that).

The first Storefront project for me is going to be NameVantage – which is just going to be a little domain showcase / shop that I’m going to work on tonight and tomorrow. If time permits someday, I would like to make it into a marketplace with other sellers, but that is a project that I see happening in 2020 after hopefully some growth and sales. And yeah, that marketplace idea will take a lot of research and legal docs and building out api stuff – it’s just not feasible for me, but a simple StoreFront store with maybe a custom product type for the domains should be possible quickly. One more thing I’m thinking about is for domains, a lot of times a text list view – or table view is preferable to a grid layout with big images (sometimes however the images can be an attractive value ad, anyway). I’ve read reviews of Barn2’s WooCommerce Product Table plugin, but, again, I have to research exactly what I’m trying to do. That’s a lot of money (for me, poor guy).

Like I said, I’m just shooting down my thoughts here to organize myself…



The next WordPress official theme Twenty Twenty or whatever it’s called is going to be based off of Chaplin, so I’m just installing it to learn what I can about making modern themes. I’ve always thought that the author, Anders NorĂ©n, made beautiful themes – and this is his take on something based on the block editor.

I’m going to make a site on starting with vanilla Chaplin. It’s just going to be tutorials and resources for creative software that supports Linux (Blender, DaVinci Resolve, Bitwig Studio, OBS, Gimp, DarkTable, JetBrains stuff, etc.).


Somehow I noticed that updated their Become an Advanced WordPress Developer Learning Path in August, and the first course is WordPress: Building Progressive Themes with WP Rig. I watched about half of it and I believe that once I learn this theme, it will become my main go-to for development. Bummer that they promote VSCode so hard with it (I’m a phpstorm user). For some more info, check out

For this one, I think I want to develop and make an affiliate deals site. The twist on this one – no amazon affiliate links! This will be for consumers who want to boycott amazon, but still find deals (I am frustrated whenever I come across amazon deals at other sites, as I have stopped using them since a worker strike right before prime day 2018).

Thank you Lynda + Multnomah County Library

I am so broke and desperate to get a WordPress business going, and without this amazing FREE resource provided through my library, I would be spinning in circles. I know NYC also provides free access – I just feel blessed to live in Portland where education and advancement for the community is a priority.

Also, shout out socialism.

Sorry for the random brain dump. I feel slightly more clear-headed.

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