Tools I Use

Stuff I use to make things (that I endorse the use of).


Coming soon.


FCP, Motion.

Panasonic micro 4/3 cameras. I have a G6 – which has the same sensor as the GH2, which was used to make films like “Upstream Color“. However, my camera is already 2 generations old (still great for 1080p tho!). The newer G7 (buy on Amazon) added 4k video, and the even newer Panasonic G85 (buy on Amazon) adds sensor stabilization and a ton more! If I have the cash, I will get a 2nd camera – either a G85 or their new pro GH5 (buy on Amazon), if I’m really ballin’.

Aputure H198 On Camera Daylight Temperature Lights (buy on Amazon).


(Hackintosh build and parts list coming soon!)


Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk (upgraded to contoured 72×30″ top)

VR Video

Gear VR – Buy on Amazon (lots of good deals/refurbished here!)

Samsung phone, Galaxy S6 or newer – 100% necessary for Gear VR. I have an S6 Edge, which I should probably upgrade in the next year. Gear VR and Google Daydream are the best for watching VR Video. Mobile VR w/ high res mobile screens is the best experience right now.

No VR camera setup yet 🙁


*if i can find affiliate links to anything on here, i will probably be posting them.